4 Benefits of Drain Pipe Relining & No Dig Sewer Repairs in Boynton, FL.

Drain Pipe ReliningDrain pipe relining is a pipe replacement option that speeds up the time and lowers the cost of repairing water and sewer lines. This no dig option lets a company install a completely new pipe inside the existing line. It is accomplished using an epoxy coated, fabric, tube that is inserted with a bladder and an air mover to push it through the broken line.

Once it is fully inserted, the bladder is filled with air to expand the tube to the shape of the existing pipe. The flexible fabric forms itself around bends in the pipe, sealing off cracks and other damage. After it has properly dried or ‘cured’, the new pipe is harder than traditional PVC pipe and more resistant to puncturing or cracking from tree roots.

So, what are the benefits to drain pipe relining and no dig sewer repair in Boynton, FL? There are many, but here we’ll deal with four of them.

First, the technology is less damaging to the immediate environment. There is no need for multiple vehicles or generators; everything is run off one truck engine. No dig means exactly that; there are no backhoes or other trenching equipment that must be brought in on a trailer. A heavier load means more gas burned. Since less fossil fuels is burned, this greatly lowers the carbon footprint of the job.

Second, drain pipe relining is also less damaging to the surrounding property. The heavy trenching equipment damages every inch of lawn it crosses. If the weather is wet (we are in Florida, of course it is going to be wet), areas of the lawn may require reseeding or even complete turf replacement. Nearby trees and plants are often dug up as well. Not a single leaf is disturbed when drain pipe relining is used.

Third, no dig repair is more convenient to you. Relining is accomplished in a few hours and drying the new pipe is completed in just a few more. Digging out a broken pipe takes much longer, sometimes a full day, just to expose the sewer or drain line. This means multiple days where you need to bring in water (and perhaps a port-a-potty) or else live in a hotel. It is simply not a concern if you decide on the no dig option.

Finally, you are going to save a lot of money. The cost of heavy equipment is non-existent, as are the equipment operators needed to dig a trench, remove the pipe, lower the new pipe, and then cover the new pipe with soil that leaves an ugly scar across your lawn. Relining requires only one entry and one exit hole to insert the new pipe and then secure it to the existing sewer system. That is a few hours of labor versus an entire day or even multiple days. No trench means no lawn or other landscaping replacement costs. This alone can save hundreds of dollars.

Drain pipe relining and no dig sewer repair are fast, cost-saving, and environmentally friendly options compared to traditional digging. Less equipment is needed, labor costs are lower and the time you are sidelined from your home is minimal in comparison.

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