Electronics and Boats, a Buyer’s Guide

Electronics and Boats

When it comes to boating, I prefer the simple life. I just want to pilot my craft onto open water, play some of my favorite tunes, and enjoy the sun, secure in the knowledge that my trusty GPS will get me back to harbor safely. Even the most basic boat needs a range of electronic devices these days.

Sometimes, you don’t even know what your boat needs until that need comes up! Do you really want to yearn for a GPS as you’re following the shoreline, hoping that you’re navigating toward your home marina? That’s why it’s worth it to look at mobile marine electronic sales in MI. Spare yourself a night in a strange port! Here’s what you need to do to turn that tub into a sleek, electronic machine.


If your boat is anything like mine, then it’s got an outboard motor! No matter how your craft is powered, having an electric engine is a great idea. Shop around carefully for the electric motor that will suit your exact needs.

Are you powering a sailboat in flat weather or a speedboat in August? When you talk to a retailer, make sure you speak to a real expert. You need a company that installs, maintains, and makes recommendations that a regular salesman wouldn’t.

Trust me, when you buy a motor, you want to talk to the guy who fixes that make and model every week.


Remember how much I love my GPS? It has earned that love over years of great service! When you’re buying a navigation unit, make sure and get one that will retain its value.

That means a well-established brand that upgrades its software and peripherals instead of trashing the entire unit every 18 months. Check customer reviews, and don’t be afraid to ask to see the system in action. This is another area where expert advice can be useful!


You’ll need certain lights on your boat, of course. People need to be able to see you coming home after New Year’s Eve fireworks or a nightly fishing jaunt. But shouldn’t your neighbors have an opportunity to admire your boat, too?

The same outfit that can sell you a motor and a navigation system should be able to provide your watercraft with the illumination that it both requires and deserves.


Here’s one for the fishermen! If you’re sick of chasing down schools of juicy Cisco through intuition alone, then you need a radar system. Even if you’re not into the rod and the reel, wouldn’t it be nice to know when you’re approaching a rock or a sandbar?

The key here is reliability. Radar isn’t complex, but you may need to service it now and again. Whoever you buy from should be handy with electronics repair. Don’t scrimp. Depending on what you want to do with your boat, this could be a critical system!

Once you’ve done your research and made your plan, call up your trusty Michigan mobile marine electronic sales professional and get yourself a quote. Remember, a good expert is worth their weight in gold!

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