Looking for a Great Children’s Dentist in Poway CA?

Finding a great dentist for children can be much more difficult than choosing a dentist for yourself. As parents, we want to choose the very best dental clinic possible for our children, which is why we’ve made a list of what you should look for when choosing a children’s dentist in Poway CA.

Children Dentist

1. Convenient Locations and Flexible Scheduling: Children are at their best when they are well rested and fresh, so it helps to find a dental office that is nearby so that getting to and from visits is easy. They should offer individual and even whole-family appointment times that fit around your work, school, activities, and life in general.

2. Caring, Compassionate, Child-Friendly, and Experienced Doctors and Staff: Look for an outstanding team of dental professionals that are both experienced and love working with children of all ages. They should understand how important it is to build relationships and good communication with both children and parents to make sure office visits are successful, and to encourage great oral health habits at home.

3. Child-Friendly Check-Up and Treatment Areas: Dental office visits can be challenging for both children and parents, even when they’ve been prepared.  The best children’s dentist in Poway CA should have dedicated rooms just for kids that have coloring books and goodies such as cookies and hot cocoa. A treasure chest filled with toys doesn’t hurt either!

4. Tried-and-True Behavioral Engagement Techniques: The best children’s dentist has spent a lot of time and practice to develop child-focused techniques that focus on strengths and encourage positive reinforcement.

Here are a few examples:

  • Staff, doctors, and hygienists physically get on your child’s level to speak and ask questions;
  • Practice tell, show, and do – explain what the visit is for in child-friendly language;
  • Show them some of the instruments, sights and sounds they may see and hear, and answer any questions to help them get ready;
  • Talk while they work, or sing, count, or any variety of communication techniques that work for your child;
  • Use positive reinforcement and rewards, to help both you and your child have a great experience and look forward to the next dental check-up.

5. Tools and Tips for A Great Home Dental Hygiene Routine: Baby teeth are more than just a right of passage – they are essential for maintaining a healthy diet, for self-confidence, and ensuring that permanent teeth grow in healthy and strong.  The best way to ensure your child has a healthy smile as they grow and develop is to create and maintain a great dental hygiene routine at home.  Your children’s dentist in Poway CA should provide tips and ideas for both children and parents to make tooth brushing fun and effective.

If you are looking for the best children’s dentist in Poway CA, we offer a full range of general, pediatric, and specialty dental services, including orthodontics, which means you won’t have to sacrifice time or convenience for quality.  And, in case it’s ever needed, we also have same-day emergency and walk-in appointments. Your child deserves the very best – call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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