What are the potential complications of laser therapy treatment for spider veins?

Spider veins, a medical condition, also known as telangiectasia, is the problem of appearance of red, blue, and purple veins, of a thread like structure on the skin surface. Very often, they take the appearance of spider webs. These spider veins are known to be dilated perpetually and are visible at all times. They are so, because of the increased pressure on the veins.

The spider veins can be developed on any body part, even on someone’s face. Most of the time they appear on the surface of people’s thighs, their ankles and calves and even buttocks.

The problem of spider veins does not come with any symptoms or signs. But the only issue that tends to persist is the undesirable appearance they develop in the cosmetic sense.

The laser treatment is one of the best options to deal with the issue of Spider veins. In under an hour, one can get rid of most of the appearances that have been formed because of the spider veins. The laser treatment is performed at the local clinic, under anesthesia. The kind of laser used for the same is the Nd: YAG laser, which is a handheld device to focus on the tiny thread-like veins. The laser focuses its beam on the targeted area through which the vein is heated up to be destroyed eventually. In the coming 4-6 weeks, the veins get destroyed, completely.

The laser tends to pierce through the skin to penetrate deep within the blood vessels. The heat generated thereupon will help the blood to coagulate inside the vessels, which will further help it to collapse. The veins will then disappear and would be obliterated with the help of the scavenging cells of the human body. The new and latest laser treatment would be able to allow the required and the precise amount of laser dosage, without any mistake.

Since the affected area is numbed with the help of local anesthesia, there is no scope for any sensation of pain, or even the causation of it. There might be felt a tingling sensation on the areas that are affected, but nothing more. The lasers today, have a cooling tip involved which helps in the prevention of burning or damaging.

The laser treatment is meant for people who have been evaluated in the beginning. They are evaluated to ensure the problem does not pertain to varicose veins. Since the laser treatment is perfectly capable of treating spider veins but sometimes fails to treat the larger varicose veins.

There are no serious side-effects of the laser treatment for spider veins, apart from the fact that there might appear redness on the skin, along with catlike scratches. These would disappear within the next couple of days.

But, the point of concern here is, whether the laser treatment for spider veins entail any potential complication?

The answer to this is very complicated. There is no direct answer. There are certain risks associated with the laser treatment for spider veins, but they are minimal. Your eyes would not have to face any complications, as they would be shielded from the harmful rays of the laser. There are also used, cooling systems to ensure that there appear no significant complications, both during and after the surgery. But, all in all, the laser treatment for spider veins is of a low-risk nature and is pain-free relatively.

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