PPC Agency Tips : 9 Best Ways to Boost CTR for Facebook Ads

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The CTR (Click-through Rate) potential of any business defines its product’s acceptability in the market. We wonder, is there any specific or universal CTR in the market for businesses? Unless clicks are more than impressions! Click-through rate measures how many people click on your business ads. It’s some clicks that an ad receives after every visit to the website.   

One must know the ground realities of the business world that many times we come up with products which have little potential to attract people in comparison to other products. Such products get carried away from the market on the basis of good advertisements. And to let them show in the market suggests one needs a good CTR to grow the business.

Be attentive regarding relevant clicks

As we begin the rest details to maximize the CTR potential of your company, be sure to understand whether the click is a good one or not. Because each click you get on the website may not relate to your business. And you must focus to get the clicks from the targeted audience. Shift your concern from ‘getting clicks’ to ‘getting relevant clicks.’

Moreover, Facebook has traveled a long path from chilling with friends to inviting them at your business websites. Let’s have a look at some tips to improve CTR for Facebook ads in PPC Agency Manchester:

1- Review and refine the targeted Facebook Ad Audience

Prior your decision to create your Facebook ads, you need to figure out your targeted audience and then create a relevant Facebook audience. There are many options to choose the type of audiences such as saved audiences, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences.

The custom audience gives you permission to target the customers and existing leads. It provides facility to import the list of running clients with the help of app activity or Facebook engagement. As custom audience includes the interested people in your products or services, you can retarget them for your next campaign.

Also, generating saved audience demands you find new customers for your brand with respect to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. For such audience, it is critical to add conditions and targeting people.

2- Create relevant Facebook Ad as per the taste of your audience

It is essential to have relevant Facebook ads to get maximum CTR. One needs to design an interesting and engaging ad image which will be visible to your targeted audience and eventually attract them. Make a list of things which might attract your audience’s attention. Know the choice of images which people prefer these days and also be aware of your brand’s quality products. One may use an assessment of concentrated images and text to create an oversized design.

3- Your Facebook Ad must show a concern of urgency

No matter how it sounds to you. But giving a sense of urgency through Facebook Ads could bring more traffic and certainly raise the sales or add to cart options. Use specific phrases as “will end soon,” “ends soon,” “last chance,” “order now,” “don’t miss out this chance” and more which you find as quickly as possible. It looks more appealing and eye-catching to customers. It is a good way to get instant sales otherwise people keep things at rest.

4- Design innovative taglines and captivating headlines of Facebook Ad copy

After finalizing the relevant image, you may land interesting headlines on the product page. An image would only let them stop scrolling to another page, but it is words which insist people buy the product. Give your attention to create compelling headlines and mention the pertinent information.

Not everyone is going to read your ad copy unless they found something worthy or interesting in it. People have multiple options, and sometimes they are confident about the specific choices, so it’s hard to turn their way. But since nothing is impossible; maybe your innovative way will stop and make them buy your products!

5- Be limited to your words and wrap-up them in short Facebook Ad

People hate long descriptions; it implies, no one is going to read a long novel of your Facebook Ad. So skip the habit of writing long ads. It should be concise and to-the-point. It should talk less and describe more about your products. Just as a rule say; wind-up your ad copy between 120 to 150 characters with 60-100 characters headline.

6- Free Facebook Ad may drive back business to you

You may offer free eBook or content about your products to the targeted audience. It will connect your products and customers in a loop. Your eBook must contain valuable content to offer and that free of cost.

7- Facebook Ad and the use of minimum text over images

In the past, Facebook advertising one was not allowed to use more than 20% text. Though, it has changed now; one can use as much as words one desires to put in the ads image. But then it will report the lower delivery problem.

It shows that although Facebook has extended the word limit but in many ways restrict it.

8- To make appropriate Facebook Ads use good colors

Colors significantly attract the human eye more than anything. So always remember to add some eye-catching but gentle colors to your selected images and texts. Use bright colored images to indicate your products and background.

9- Examine your Facebook Ad Campaign for quick conversions

Give your kind attention towards the three different campaign objectives; consideration, awareness, and conversion. To bring out high conversion rate in the campaign one must have decent clicks on the ads. It is because you need campaign structure with precise clicks to get growth.

So, these tips will help your agency have good conversion rates and make you stand out as the top rated PPC Agency in Manchester .

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