Are you taking advantage of the largest social network to boost your business?

Who doesn’t have Facebook? Of course, you know a couple of people that don’t, but out of the 7 billion people on the entire face of the Earth, 1.4 billion have a Facebook profile and 900 million of them access it daily. In contrast, the top-rated television show only reaches 10 million.

People access the site no matter where they are, whether it’s home, work, or even the hospital. It’s addictive, and for many people, a necessary part of life. Marketers have a better chance of reaching someone through Facebook than through almost any other medium.

Facebook Marketing

Influence is one of the most effective aspects of marketing. Word of mouth phenomena now takes place on social media more than it does at the water cooler and is much more actionable that way. Prospects can check you out online the very minute they hear about what you have to offer.

Your company’s Facebook page is vital to your business. Humans have lost their patience for anything more than bite-sized introductory information. If they feel they need to know more, they’ll read further, but the initial information should be absorbable at a glance. Email campaigns are great, and your website’s content is important, but updating your customers on events, sales, and opportunities can be more effective through social media.

Think about the last time you checked your email. You were logged into it for a purpose, right? You wanted to see if there were any emails that needed your attention. Sure, the best subject lines might have prompted you to open emails, but there are probably a lot of promotional emails that went straight to your junk folder. Those same junk folder companies might have caught your attention if they’d been in your social media feed – even if only for a second. But a second can hook you – a junk folder can’t.

Your company’s Facebook page, according to Facebook itself, is “discoverable, connected, timely, and insightful.” What does that mean? People who search for you can find you, when they comment on your posts you create relationships, you can communicate important events and have them seen immediately, and you can measure those results.

Facebook business pages have an easy to use metrics system with a dashboard that gives you the info you need at a glance. You can see which of your posts have reached the most people and which were most popular. Then you can boost them from the very page that reported that data.

Facebook Advertising

Take that momentum further by running Facebook ads. In the words of Facebook, “We can connect your business to the right people, right when they’re open to discovering.”

The platform makes advertising simple. Your business reaches customers in a way that makes sense.
Facebook Ads helps you target your ads to exactly the people that want to see them – or the specific people you want to target. And once you’ve decided to go with Facebook advertising, there are great companies not just in large cities like San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL but in up and coming places like Boca Raton, FL.
When you have your ad ready, you pick from a set of categories to shape the groups you want to hit.

Here are the options:

Choose a location by country, county/region, postcode, or “even the area around your business”
Demographics by age, gender, interests, or language

Interests – you pick from hundreds of interest categories that match your customer type like sports, music, film, preferred brands and more.

Behaviors that have been determined like what type of phone they use, whether or not they’re in the market for an new home, what brands they’ve connected with and what they like to buy Connections between you and the people who have liked your page or app, or connections to their network of friends Target people based on what device they use to connect to Facebook, like PCs, phones, or tablets Take the customization further with these features:

Reach current customers and connections by providing Facebook ads with contact information like phone numbers or email to target those people. You can also use the same information to exclude current customers from an ad meant to garner new business. The information you provide is secure and private.

Look Alike Audiences is a feature that shows your ads to prospects that are similar to your current connections, customers, or people who have liked your page.

Partner categories is a targeting option provided by third parties like Experian, Acxiom, and Epsilon that use massive amounts of collected data about offline behaviors to help you target online connections to whom your offering is relevant. This option is designed for ads that have a “brand or offline sales” objective and is especially useful for companies that don’t have other forms of data gathering.

This form of advertising helps you target the people that you want to see your ad while giving you the opportunity to target different versions of that ad to audiences by relevance. Because only the people with the traits you pick will be able to see each ad, your marketing will be more effective.

How Facebook Marketing and Advertising Will Change Your Business

With 700 million people accessing the site from their phones, your ads will be seen when your potential customers are at their most active and alert. Your ads are interspersed among the posts from their family and friends and they’re sure to see them.

These ads are highly actionable. Interested users can click to go directly to your app or website. Their engagement with your ad, posts, or page is shown to their friends, making those friends intrigued by what you have to offer.

Facebook makes it easy for businesses to measure results by providing analytics on how your ads are performing and how your budget is being spent. There is an Ads Manager and an Ads Manager App for tracking performance on the go. Your business page has its own analytics dashboard, as well. Pricing starts at as little as $5 and you can set a budget schedule.

To really take advantage of one of social media’s great marketing options, you’ve got to have ads that impact your potential customers in big ways. That’s where the pros come in. The United States is replete with social media management talent.

Facebook marketing in the USA is represented by agencies everywhere. To find one that knows your target audiences, search the powerful Credibase database of Facebook marketing and advertising service listings in the USA.

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