Water Pipe Repair And Lining in Washington

At SPT Plumbing, we just don’t fix or rectify your plumbing problems but we make sure that he problem will never arise again and also we make sure that you as our customer you’re fully satisfied with our services. We are highly accomplished in their work with unrivalled and unmatched expertise and experience. We use cutting edge equipment, technology and techniques in their work.

We are a team of unmatched and unrivalled certified and licensed Bartlett plumbers. We have made a name for ourselves through our exquisite expertise and experience in providing brilliant plumbing services to businesses, families and individuals based in Washington DC.

We use technologies, that allow our customers be able to make informed, knowledgeable and intelligent decisions concerning the problem that he or she has provided to us. Most of the problems are usually water pipe repair and lining that we are experts in solving. We are recognized as the best, professional, reliable and experienced company which provides splendid plumbing services for both commercial and residential jobs in Washington DC.
What has led us to be the best is because we have the required equipment and personnel to perform the task at hand. No matter how complex and sophisticated the plumbing problem maybe, we at SPT Plumbing we will be able to solve the problem.


A plumbing problem such an epoxy pipe lining problem can be a nuisance and a problem to many people. We at SPT Plumbing recognize that and that is why when you report the problem to us, we are quick to solve the problem. For us, no job is too complex for us or too simple for us, we are efficient and effective in our work. This has led us to have the confidence of our clients and customers. We permanently rectify problems; we leave no room for such problems to arise again. For 24 hours, a day, 7 days a week, we will be at your service for any plumbing problem you may be having. Our team is always prepared for any emergency or such situations that may arise.
These solutions have minimal down time, inconvenience and destruction. We use unmatched cutting edge technology to be able to inspect the defect on the plumbing line. The technology is usually video inspection equipment. With these technology, we will be able to know where the problem is and then rectify it. For people living in Washington DC, we can investigate mechanical piping, water piping, storm piping and sewer piping.
We don’t just unblock water pipes, remove debris and scale it up but we also remove any toxic metals like lead that may been deposited into the water pipes. To do water pipe repair and lining, SPT employs premium methods so as to accomplish this. In the end, we will be able to restore and clean sanitary and water systems in your home. Lead is carcinogenic hence we work tirelessly to ensure that your water pipes doesn’t have these carcinogenic components.
If your drain line has any faults, leaks, intrusions, cracks, fittings, defective valves or any failure, our effective and exceptional technologies and techniques will be able to detect the problem painlessly. These technologies will also tell you how long your sewer system is viable and when next to completely repair it.

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