Cellular blinds are one of the simplest yet classy ways to style your windows. They are not costly, yet can look elegant if used correctly. However, these blinds are not meant to last forever. Here are ten things to look out for in your blinds, and how to know when to change them.

Deformed frame, slats or blinds

Bent or warped blinds are not only unpleasant to the eyes. It is also a sign of damage from heat or humidity. The deformed blinds can also affect how you raise them, which can lead to further damage.

It’s too challenging to clean

Over a couple of months, dirt and other particles may start to accumulate in your blinds. It may require cleaning regularly, but it would not be enough in a few years. Eventually, it will need a replacement, especially if made with light materials.

Discoloured or uneven coloured blinds

Areas exposed to the sun or opening of the windows are prone to discolouration. Cellular blinds are unpleasant to look at with uneven colours because they may look too obvious. The discolouration is also a sign of the material wearing out.

Frayed parts, usually the edges

The edges of your blinds are generally the first to fray. It is where the damage begins. Also, watch out for fraying in the slats, cords, or frame itself, especially if it is made with light materials.

You cannot raise the blinds properly

Cellular blinds usually provide an all or nothing shade, so you may try to raise them several times a day. Eventually, one of the slats or other parts may get stuck. That means that the mechanism, framework, or body of your blinds is already damaged.

Does not provide the shade it’s supposed to

Cellular blinds have varying cell sizes, and it may not provide the shade you need in the room. It may be from a change in the arrangement or function in the room. It is essential, especially if you do not want glare on your tv or a shining sun on your bed in the morning.

It is no longer efficient in insulating the room

Cellular blinds are pricey for a reason – they are more energy-efficient than other blinds. If you notice more heat coming in than usual, or cold going out, it’s time to change your blinds.

They pose a safety hazard

Broken cords can strangle an unattended child. Broken pieces or edges can also cause injury, especially when you try to raise, close, or hold the blinds.

Your blinds are out of style

New trends come in every year. So, if you are planning to use these blinds for a couple of years, they may get outdated eventually. If more stylish, and cost or energy-efficient blinds are available, you might consider upgrading them.

You just got a window upgrade

If you already upgraded your windows, it is only logical to upgrade your blinds as well, especially if it has changed in size or type of window.

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