It’s time to flip the script, or just throw it out the window altogether. The times they are a-changing’. We’re in a more fluid era now, where fashion styles are not (or at the least should not be) limited according to your gender. Just like the men, women want to wear suits, and they damn well should be allowed to! 

That includes wedding suits. Some women want to wear a suit for their wedding. In fact, wedding suits for women have become a big thing. It’s such a boss look, we’re not surprised! Many of my female clients at Watson Ellis want to wear tuxedos on their big day or at the welcome / rehearsal dinner the night before. Others are looking for more casual or classic two-piece suits to walk down the aisle in. I’ve also had ‘grooms’ women’ come to me for wedding suits. At Watson Ellis, we love this trend and are more than happy to get on board and support it with our tailoring and design skills! 

Wedding suits for women are a specialty for us now. We’ve made wedding tuxedos for women, two-piece suits, velvet blazers, all perfectly suited to the client’s desired style for their wedding. 

We know how to fit women’s wedding suits perfectly to their body, and how to design according to women’s respective wedding aesthetics. If you’re a woman, and you’re in the market for a woman’s wedding suit, you should look no further than Watson Ellis. We know how to create exquisite custom garments that’ll make you feel amazing and confident on your big day. 

A woman in a suit or tuxedo at her wedding is a truly amazing look. It’s confident, modern, stylish, and strong. We’re totally on board! And more importantly, we’re here to help women design their perfect custom wedding suit. Visit us at, and book in for an obligation-free appointment to peruse fabrics and see if we’re the right fit for you. 

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