An arrest does not mean the end for your arrestee/detainee. There are options available for you to help him/her get back up, and that is through Douglas County bail bonds from a reliable agency. You have the ability to help your loved one get out of jail even if you cannot afford the full bail amount. However, not all bail bond agencies are suitable for you. Here are tips to help you pick the right bonding agency that can efficiently provide the service you are looking for.  

License for Douglas County Bail Bonds

Only a licensed agency is allowed to provide bail bonds service in Douglas County. This gives you the guaranty that the company follows the rules and regulations stipulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance for Douglas County Bail Bonds. A registered agency is also subject to sanctions and penalties in the event that they commit violations.

A copy of the agency’s license and registration should be proudly displayed in its office. You can check its validity and legality by searching the agency’s name in the Division of Insurance agency search. The Douglas County bail bondsman working for that agency should also have his/her own license and not just riding on the permit of the agency.

Be careful when a Douglas bail bondsman or agency is evasive about its license, or adamantly refuses to show it to you. Walk away and report that agency or person to the authorities immediately for your safety as well as others.

PDQ Bail Bonds is licensed and registered, and the same goes with our Douglas bail bondsman. Never hesitate to ask us for our license when you talk with us.

Verify Years of Experience

There are court rulings and procedures to follow when you post bail, and when you are out on Douglas County bail bonds. Your safety and security, as well as your peace of mind,  depend on the knowledge and skills of the agency. The longer the agency has been in the business, better for you. You have the advantage of their wide network of legal experts and court specialists to help you with your case.

We’ve been running our agency for bail bonds in Douglas for 40 years. We only hire the best agents who are in practice for more than 10 years. We know what to expect when we post your bail at the Douglas County Court. All your documents will be organized and accurately prepared, and you can expect to see your loved one within 30 minutes or 4 hour hours depending.

Values Customer Experience

A bail bonds agency should take its time to educate you about how does bail work for your case. Every situation is different, and an agency should know what’s unique about your case to provide customized service. Every necessary detail about bail bonds should be laid out to you, especially the fees and payments. Typically, an agency will charge a premium of 10 percent bail bonds for bail bond service.

The agency should have a highly trained staff that listens to your concerns and does not talk down or over you. It’s okay for you to ask questions and the bail bondsman in Douglas County should answer you in a calm, courteous, and respectful manner.  

All our staffs are professionals in the industry. Any conversation you have with them will remain within the four walls of the PDQ Bail Bonds office.  We offer services, not a judgment about your case. We don’t sugar-coat your situation nor make it worse than what it seems to get more out of you.


Get an agency that is available at any time of the day, even if it’s a weekend or a holiday.  It’s vital to work in urgency so that you can get your loved one free in a timely manner. You cannot get the best Colorado bail bonds service if the agency is unreachable after a certain hour. Consider also the workload of the agency. Having many customers means they are the best in business. However, what if they are rushing you because they need to go to another client? That is not the right agency for you.

PDQ bail is a 24-hour bail bonding agency committed to serving you at a moment’s notice. Our lines are always open no matter what time of the day. There is always someone available for you to speak to if you need express bail bonds. If your bonding agent is unavailable due to a sudden emergency, your case will be appropriately endorsed to the best available agent. Alternatively, your bail bonding agent will do its best to return your call the moment he/she is free.

The right bail bondsman agency is someone who follows the rules, accepts accountability, treats you with respect, and always on call. If you need help with your Douglas County bail bonds, please do not hesitate to call or bail hotline.

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