Mortgage lending industry is largely powered by technological upgradations today. This first began when the dot-com bubble burst, back before the beginning of this new millenia. Homebuyers and mortgage takers look up the internet to research and take up the mortgage loan plan they insist on. This is done by a large fraction of people, about 90% of them. Out of all the mortgage loan providers, about 15% offer complete loan lending services online. 

Investing your time into buying a copier, scanner, fax machine in order to make sure your mortgage loan services are administered perfectly is a comparatively slow way to deal with things when technology has advanced so much today. Today, because of the invasion of the silicon valley into the industry of finance, matters have developed and led to a boom in the online mortgage loan services. 

Dealing with all the physical paperwork not only is going to make matters slow for you, but could also lead to inefficiencies. These inefficiencies could lead to an increase in the cost of the whole working of a mortgage loan providing company, and therefore more and more mortgage loan providing companies are opting for online business working. This allows companies to spend less on useless inefficient workings, and more on sustainable growth plans. This will in turn, give them time to focus entirely on the borrower and their problems and needs. 


Here are some reasons why technology has permeated the mortgage loan realm and affect it in positive ways:


  1. The process of getting a loan is sped up. Everything happens in a quick manner because of the fact that everything is digitalized- their bank account statements, their personal as well as credit information, their tax  related information, and other related and necessary information for availing a mortgage loan. Everything is available online, verified by various authorities and certified. Therefore, people do not have to wait for anything today, everything gets delivered to them quickly.
  2. There is an innovation which prohibits people from exchanging multiple calls, emails and text messages, which was not just time consuming, but also frustrating. Thanks to the new technologies that people who want to avail loans can now see where is the process heading up right now, in real time. This information is not just restricted to the person who wants to avail a mortgage loan, but also is available with the loan officer. This creates a balance between both the loan officer and the person availing the loan.
  3. There is a better disclosure of terms and conditions between a loan lender and a mortgage loan provider. This ensures there is more accountability, and openness between both the parties. This could lead to them not being worried about any potential mistakes, because everything else is laid out for them to begin with. Electronic disclosures make everything easier for everyone.  There are fewer chances of any kind of mistakes or violations being made. 


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